About Me

Hi, my name is Bobbie Normand, you'll find me working in Victoria, BC.  As a Stylist of 19 years, and having experience with many colour lines and products along the way, my training initially took place in Edmonton, AB.  There I have worked in a number of high end salons, as well as owned my own studio until 2013.  My career in Victoria started at David Levi Salon, another beautiful salon, where I had the opportunity to relive my passion for hair with an amazing group of people.  After 5 years I then moved on to chair rental, to be my own boss, and now, 2 years later I have opened up my own chair rental salon named Cadence hair Co.  

I strongly believe in continuing education, personal/business growth, having passion in this industry, positive mindset, regular exercise and having fun with fashion. 

My specialties include cutting, colour, foil and balayage of all lengths of hair, natural curly hair and I seem to have acquired a reputation for sharp/edgey short cuts for women. Along side with caring for the health and condition of the scalp and hair, I care for my clients and I'm always eager to transform my clients into the best version of themselves.

I have always been fascinated by hair. There's also something about Salons, they just draw me in.  In addition to wanting to have mad skills, having daily fashion freedom was a big draw (yay!) and I love the idea of not sitting at a desk all day!


Surprisingly, I did not grow up playing with dolls or barbies.  I spent my time outside doing farm chores, (and trust me there were lots of them, "work before play") and then riding horses, hanging with my cats and dogs, and stunting around. I'm surprised I never did break any bones.  


When I moved from the farm I went to the bright city lights to follow my desire to be a stylist and trained at Estelle Academy of Hair Design in Edmonton, AB.

After all this time I can honestly say I am even more passionate about what I do.  Continuing education is a big part of staying current in the industry.  In the beginning it was about learning the basics in a 2 year program,  then it's learning from co-workers, bosses, hair shows and seminars, anywhere possible to gain skills and experience.  Now what I LOVE MOST about what I do is changing the way a person feels. 


It's amazing how much the way we feel inside can be affected whether we love or hate our hair.  I love a challenge and it really means a lot to me when people feel great, gain confidence, or just need a change to re-invent their look.  I have had so many amazing people in my chair, stories shared, one time moments or long term loyalty.......and that itself is quite special. 


If YOU are struggling with your hair, ready for something new, looking for honest suggestions and tips, I would love to chat.