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Our pillowcases and scrunchies have a shiny, charmeuse finish, so they feel smooth and luxurious.

What makes a silk pillowcase or scrunchie the ideal choice?

With the knowledge that the average person spends up to 25 years asleep in a lifetime la seda has created a luxurious product that delivers health and beauty benefits during those precious hours of slumber. Our 100% pure, natural, silk products provide the ultimate overnight care for the hair, eyelashes and delicate facial skin.

How do our products stand out? 

Our pillowcases and scrunchies have a shiny, charmeuse finish, so they feel smooth and luxurious. Other non-charmeuse products lack any health and beauty benefits. Silk is easily replicated by other "fake" synthetic products like satin and viscose. We have taken great measures to ensure we are offering the real thing. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk with a thickness of 19 momme, our pillowcases are the very best available in Canada. Our products have been tested for 100% authenticity as there are many imitation fabrics on the market and our consumers can easily be duped into buying imitation silk. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, ecological and 100% biodegradable.


Our silk scrunchies protect your ponytail while keeping it secure. Unlike conventional ponytail elastics and cotton scrunchies they firmly but tenderly hold hair in place while preventing hair breakage and reducing « ponytail kink » They can be used to create the perfect messy bun, they look sweet and elegant and make perfect gifts.

What does momme mean?

Momme is the measurement indicating the weight of the silk. The thicker or heavier the silk, the more it drapes, the softer it feels and the longer it lasts. We have selected 19 Momme as our preferred measurement for our products because of it's lightness, softness and affordability.


The smoothness of our silk pillowcases allows your skin to glide, whereas cotton and polyester grip and scratch the delicate facial skin, contributing to premature stretching and skin creasing. Silk also allows the hair and skin to breath and maintains a cool surface temperature keeping you comfortable all night. Eyelash extension and hair extension wearers experience a significant reduction in overnight shedding, breakage, matting and eyelash damage. Even men with beards or hair loss can benefit from sleeping on silk as silk will not snag and kink facial hair. Dermatologists agree that cotton and synthetic fabrics dry out the hair and skin. They twist your hair as you sleep, causing tangles and breakage over time. Most other fabrics wick moisture from the skin and will absorb the quality skin products you are investing in. Silk on the other hand , won’t absorb your expensive creams.

Is silk appropriate for all ages?

Silk is beneficial to anyone, young and old! In fact its great for preventing bedhead in children and protecting their natural curls. It's great for coloured hair, curly hair, afro textured hair, hair extensions, bearded men, men and women experiencing hair loss and those with delicate skin.

What pillow sizes do you cases fit?

Our pillowcases are available in Double/Queen (fits both) size of 20” x 30” (51cm x 76cm) and a King size of 20" x 36" (51cm x 91cm). We have done market research and have found that these two options suit the majority of households.

Is it safe to sleep on silk?

We have selected silk suppliers that meet the very stringent international Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 for fabric safety. If you purchase a cheaper silk pillowcase online or in-store, you may not know what you’re really buying. When it comes to silk you get what you pay for. Cheap silk may simply not pass the safety and quality testing our suppliers have taken the time to enforce or it may simply be a silk imitation fabric.

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How do i care for my silk products

Our 100% pure, mulberry silk products were made to care for you. Here are some ways you can care for them. Your charmeuse silk product has been made for you to use as a beauty product. Our Silk products are machine washable. Wash in a delicate cycle with cold water. Hint: Your silk pillowcase or Scrunchie will love you more if you hand wash it. Use a PH balanced or "delicates" laundry detergent that specifies for “silk". Regular detergents can cause silk to loose its lustre and softness. Do not use bleach products. Hang to dry. Silk prefers to "bathe" alone. Do not wash with items that have velcro, zippers, studs or other sharp details. We recommend the use of a garment bag.

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