COVID-19 Health & Safety

Thank you for your patience and support, we are all learning together and doing our best.

  • For your safety and ours no more than 3 stylists will be working together at one time.

  • Stylists will be asking a couple pre-screening questions at the time of booking, and prior to entering the salon.

    • if you have travelled out side Canada in the last two weeks

    • if you have taken care of anyone with symptoms or have symptoms yourself

    • if you have been asked to stay home for quarantine

  • We ask that you please come alone to limit the amount of people in the salon. 

  • There will be hand sanitizer for you to use upon arrival Or can wash with soap and water.

  • Please arrive to your appointment on the appointment time. Early arrival may require you to wait outside until your stylist notifies you to enter the salon.

  • Stylists will be wearing masks while with clients and clients will also be wearing their mask. Social distancing will also be in effect when ever possible.  If you have forgotten your mask one may be available for purchase for $2, however due to shortage and inflated cost this is not guaranteed. 

  • We are sorry we will not be serving coffee, tea, or water at this time.

  • The salon will not have a waiting room, along with non-essential items like magazines on tables or at stations. 

  • The Stylist Stations are well over 6 feet apart with added dividers in the design and are fully sanitized between each client.

Your Appointment

  • There will be 30 min spacings between each client to allow for cleaning, disinfecting and new set up.

  • Clients will sanitize their hands upon arrival, and stylists will wash hands and/or use sanitizer before and after each client.

  • The common areas will be sanitized periodically throughout the day including, doors, rails, washroom and counter tops.

  • All clean towels and capes are stored in closed bins.

  • All soiled towels, capes, other used items are placed in closed bins until sanitized.


Feel free to contact your stylist if you have any questions or concerns about protocol or your appointment.


We are so happy to have you back!!!