Standard $80+



Short Textured Fine $60+



Extra Thick/Long

or Transformation $95+

(1.5 hr)


Clipper Cut $55+

(30-45 min)


Under 12 $45+


Bangs $15

(existing clients free bang trims and clean ups)


Express $50+

(30 min)

This appointment is best when growing out your hair and taking the minimum amount off the length only.  (ie: Less than an inch) and bangs.  There is No cutting of layers.  You would come in with clean perfectly styled hair as there is no wash and style included in this service. 

Scalp Scrub + Hair Treatment + Style $85

Metal Detox/Gloss/Blow Out $100

Blow Out $50-80

UpStyle $70+





Root Retouch $95+ (this is roots only 1/2 inch to an inch of regrowth)


Full Coverage $120+ - Hair Above Shoulders (2 hrs)


Full Coverage $140+ - Hair Long (2 hrs)




Partial Head $130+


Half Head $150+


Full Head $175+

Blonding $95/hour Plus the cost of product

(lightener, toner, root shadow, depth)




Face Frame $150+


Half Head $200+


Full Head $250+

(Includes toning)


Toner Refresh $100

(includes blow-dry)

*Please Note there may be an extra charge added to any colour service for thick/long hair

*Colour Correction $100/hr requires a consult 

*Bleach and Tone $100/hr requires a consult

Add Ons


Smart Bond $25

Scalp Scrub $10

Hair Repair Treatment $15

Scalp Scrub with Treatment $25

Metal Detox $25

Steampod Style $15

Style with Curling Iron $15

Style with Flat Iron $15



4 Weft Methods 

(3 Sew-in Methods and Hush Method)

Hot Heads Tape-ins 


A consult is required for this service